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I come to Waller ISD by way of graduating from Cy-Fair High School and Baylor University.  I taught for 21 years at Midway High School in Waco, Texas and have finally come back home.  I am looking forward to teaching English I and making my new home here at Waller ISD.  

I believe learning is a process in which everyone is capable.  Some learn faster than others, and we all learn differently.  There is not a right way or a wrong way.  It is my job to discover how each student learns and to promote and encourage that process.

I am extremely proud and honored to be a member of such a wonderful and talented group of teachers here at Waller ISD, and I know that together we will help every student learn and be successful.  As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Please feel free to contact me anytime at sistre@wallerisd.net
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